Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ted Haggard

Just before coming to work I was watching AC360 on CNN. There was a report on Ted Haggard http://www.tedhaggard.com/. I started thinking about religion, its requirements, gays and related subjects. And it occured to me that what happens in cases like his is that these Bible rules become impossible to follow. At least not across the board. But people like Ted Haggard have vowed to. Therefore they hide their contrary behavior. Almost as if they are conflicted, unable to change themselves, yet unable to reject the theology. Interestingly Haggard had no secular skills. That reminds of a cult that I'm very familiar with. So he plans to go to college! To study psychology. Not surprising.

And then I started thinking that the healthy people are the ones who are not ashamed of who they are, including being gay. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not gay. Never will be. But you see, that just my point. I'm HAPPY with that. And someone who is gay and can be happy with that, not worried that he/she will be judged, either by "God" or humans stands a better chance of living a well-rounded life overall. Anyway, thats my $.02 for what its worth.


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