Saturday, February 3, 2007

Another day

Well I find myself here at work, just reviewing the day's (Saturday) events. I took my daughter for the Prep for Prep exam. This is a great opportunity. Prep's strategy is to identify talented students from minority group backgrounds, prepare them for placement in independent schools, and provide a sense of community, peer support, critical post-placement services, and a range of leadership development opportunities. (For those interested here is the link for Prep for Prep: ) My daughter is scoring in the 90th percentile for NYS exams in reading and math.

My daughter's Mom decided that she would go to a JW meeting today. I fear that she will get sucked back in and that this will become a bone of contention in the divorce proceedings. Lets hope for the best.

A good friend of mine received another visit from the "congregation elders." He just ignored them. But it goes to show what is important in this cult. They could be spending that time taking care of the needy instead of harassing people who disagree with them. In any event we are sort of enjoying this "hide and seek" game. It makes them work and who knows? One or two of them may begin to question why they are doing this.

Later today I will get back with my workout partner and resume weight training. Ah the freedom....


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