Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Well I am back in town, and I've hit the ground running. This week I will be working on getting more active with my daughter's robotics club. Hopefully doing some teaching which I love. I've lost fourteen pounds this year, and I am sticking to my discipline. I feel so free, now that I can be myself again. Its been a long time, too long. The rules I follow now are the ones that make sense for me, not arbitrary ones set by strange religions or dysfunctional relationships. Its like being reborn. There are limits again in my life to how much something can affect me. I may have fewer friends than before but they are better ones. Last night, no sooner had my plane touched down than my buddy called me on the phone asking me if I was in town. He ended up grabbing me from the airport and we went and had a great dinner at a Columbian restaurant in Corona.

I was led to believe that if I dumped the religion and got divorced that I would be miserable and lonely. No loneliness or misery here. Challenges yes. But the world is full of so many wonderful people and things to do. And if one is willing to give, even a little, they will get back more than enough. Something I always used to tell my audiences when I was a JW that "what you give, is what you get." It is so true.

Incidentally, I thought I'd explain why some call me "The Mackerel." Its not Holy Mackerel, though that is a cute coincidence. It comes from a boss who sometimes just won't leave me alone. Out of everyone at my job he loves to pick on me. But I always have a way of eluding him and leaving him frustrated. So one day this British Navy guy started working on our team and he nicknamed me "The Mackerel." He says that mackerel are slippery little fellows who always seem to avoid the sharks and other predators. For now I like the name and the description.


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