Friday, January 26, 2007

Well after three weeks of being out in the Mid-West I am returning to the land of my birth, New York City. :) I thought that I'd get off that sullen discussion of past lives in strange religions to talk about the present. What was I doing out in Norman, OK anyway? Basically I have been learning about and working on a package processing modernization program that the USPS (US Postal Service) and Lockheed Martin are engaged in. They have some info for public viewing including a short video at

It often surprises me how little is understood about how mail and packages are moved from one place to another. It is often thought that this is done by hand somehow. Yet this is far from true. The automation and technology involved is complex and requires a small army of savvy techs, engineers and software developers to keep the whole thing together. This is true for all of the mailers including FedEx, UPS, Emory and DHL.

Out here I have had a blast, and I hope to eventually join the truly elite group that serves as national and international support. There are only about 100 nationwide so I have a challenge ahead of me. But whats life if not a succession of challenges? It has been said that challenges change us. They force us to find a new center of gravity, and that the way to deal with them is to find a new way to stand.


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