Sunday, January 28, 2007

Excellent replies

I found this so moving and appropiate. These are replies to my letter "Resignation of an Elder on one of the xJW forums:

"There are so many things I want to quote and comment on from your letter that I decided it would suffice to say I think the whole letter is great. I loved, loved, LOVED that you addressed the overwork of witnesses and how the talks/articles on 'balance' just add guilt! I was a single mom (whose elder husband cheated on her) and a Regular Pioneer and I STILL felt like I wasn't doing enough while attending all meetings, working part-time, getting my 'hours' in, preparing for meetings, studying with my kids, reading the bible DAILY, etc, etc. All the while trying to be 'balanced' in keeping the house clean, laundry, paying bills, shopping, preparing 'healthy' meals, and live within my meager budget. That's not to mention trying to find some 'quality time' with my children. I always loved the squeaky clean homes with fit, good-looking, done up people sitting in their dress clothes (at home!) quietly reading the bible alone. GAH!! I never could achieve that!! It frustrated me to no end!! I contantly felt guilt and had no self-esteem. I am SO happy that you addressed that! I've never seen it addressed before in a 'da' or resignation letter. I'm so glad that you tactfully pointed out, as well, how they have no concept of living that life, as their needs are taken care of! I, too, will print off your letter to share and refer to."

Amen sister. This next one is from an exmissionary recently returned from Cameroon, West Africa:

"The FACT is that the JW lifestyle is patently unhealthy mentally, because it causes one to cease thinking for oneself. It is very unhealthy physically (few comment on this, although you did most eloquently) because the demands of activity cause the busy elder/pioneer/servant group to miss meals or eat junk food all the time because they are never home, exercise infrequently if at all, and causes extreme neglect in families with children. Nowhere of course does the bible support this, families supposedly come first, but the community of JW looks down upon you if you put your family first. It is sick."

Thats it brother.

Then there is Bill:

"When I read that scripture from Luke 21, I reached for a pen to write it down. I must have read the scripture before but it never seemed to apply so well to the WT as it does after reading your letter. Strange how JWs can quote a scripture to condemn other religions and never see how it applies directly to their own situation."


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