Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving On, yet staying in touch

As time has gone by I have moved so far away from the cult I was raised in that it almost seems as if that rearing never took place. This is not to say that I don't feel it's effects. But we all have something to deal with inside ourselves, most of us learn to turn adversity into advantage. I like to think that I have as well.

In recent days I have become so active in my community, as a volunteer, at work and socially, that I find it difficult to update this blog. I want to keep it out there though because people in this community need to see that those who leave can and often do lead productive and full lives afterward.

For example in my own life, I've integrated into my community as mentioned in my profile, finding myself now as a somewhat effective parent leader in my school district. Lately I have found myself acting as President of my CEC (www.cec30,net). I am a union rep at work advocating for my fellow maintenance and engineering professionals. I am also back in school as of the fall semester to pursue (somewhat slowly) my dream of being a full fledged member of the scientific community, possibly in the areas of criminology and government.

Religion for me is not what it once was. I focus now on reality: what is, rather than ideology and what MAY have happened in some far flung and romanticized past. In fact I've suspended judgment on all things God related, waiting for some harder evidence to surface. However occasionally you will see something here as I find things that interest me. To advocate and help those who are in the JW and ex-JW community, I remain an active poster at a forum that I earnestly invite you to visit if you want to learn more about this world. It is and I can be found there as the poster truthsetsonefree. The posters "Leolaia" and "Lady Lee" as well as the ones to be found in the "Best of" series ( I especially recommend.

I will focus my blogging in the future on education related topics and possibly politics as I focus my efforts on helping to make NYC School District 30 even better than it already is. Please visit me there or at JWN.


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