Saturday, April 11, 2009


As a JW I still tried to think logically. Thus the issue of a passage in the book of Jude being almost identical as one in an "apocryphal" book like 1 Enoch held not only my interest but raised serious questions about the premise of the Bible's being "inspired of God". I recommend the thread below written by an impeccable researcher on the JWN forum. It is "food for thinking Christians".



Ronald said...

Some time ago I did some research on this. See:

Elijah said...

The Larsa list of ten kings from heaven cuts off 300 years of three kings and reduces the 10-king list to 8 kings to place Alulim at Enoch's death instead of at Methuselah's birth. This explains why all after the Flood feared rebuilding Larsa's foundations until after Noah died. This proves that Alulim not Kichunna dematerialized Enoch in the name of insubordination to God, but that it was due to Alulim the 1st ruler at Methuselah's birth passing rulership to the 4th ruler Kichunna at Enoch's death apparently married to a human, and in defying this coronation Alulim struck Enoch with anti-matter since fission or fusion would have wiped out the whole city. So Enoch dematerialized into the air and rose the issue was this God who did this or wicked angels. Whether the angels were wicked or of God not wicked, they concluded God did it as when USA bombed Japan for God. (This is about one of 10,000 answers i have that no one else has, not WT, not schools. Doesn't bother me if WT ignores or rejects, Joseph was ignored and rejected by his trash family too.)