Friday, February 2, 2007

Ratted out

So..after all of my activism, posting here, letter to the GB and I get ratted out, not by those things but by my younger brother! I've read these stories here many times but I still find it shocking. I called him to warn him about this cult. Ask him to do the research. He is dating a JW which in my opinion can be disastrous. He said that he understands. He says that after 30 years of service I must have given this a lot of thought. Understand that this kid has never been really devoted to this religion. He refuses to pioneer or be an MS or elder. He left my congregation years ago without saying goodbye to anyone. He tries to be his own man. He has little contact with our parents. And then within days of my call to him, he attends a meeting and visits our parents to tell everyone about my "apostacy" and how he will never speak to me again. I am truly shocked. I never expected it from that source. Now elders are calling non-stop. Of course they need me to confirm the allegations. It amazes me how this religion causes people to do things that are so unnatural.

Now they (the congregation elders) need proof. They nagged my soon-to-be ex. But she didn't bite. She won't out me, in fact she told them that she is going inactive, though not for "apostacy." So they need me to talk. And I won't. So they are going crazy. They can't hold an apostate. But they can't expel me without proof. And they know that I know the rules as well as they do. I mentored some of these guys when I was an elder. The Circuit Overseer and District Overseer have been by. I didn't let them in. So they are getting desperate. And why don't I just exit and be done with it? My parents, my friends who I still care for, my daughter being able to have some relationship with aunts and uncles and her grandparents. These are the things that get sacrificed when these religions can control every aspect of a person's life.


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