Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ambushed!!! Yet happy

So Monday morning I'm parking my car, hoping to go upstairs and get two hours of much needed sleep after a shift at work. I have to then get up get my daughter, take her to my Mom's in Brooklyn, and go to PT Conference when who jumps out of an SUV to block my path? Two elders from my former religion. Desperate to find me they are. Well, I figured I might as well deal with them now as they will just keeping harassing my daughter and anyone else in my family. My brother, parents and some of my close friends hesitate or even refuse to talk with me unless I communicate with "the elders." So I stop. But I say that I have to leave and therefore can't have them up.

My goodness, while I like them as people how can I answer their questions the way I'd really like to? I stand out there in the cold for a half hour, trying to be discreet, trying not to give anything away. They know how I feel, but without me coming out and confirming it they are powerless. Mind you, telling them that my reasons for leaving and not attending meetings three times a week, service one to two times a week and doing the other stuff JWs are supposed to do is because I am taking care of my health and child has little effect on them. I have a bag of groceries in my hand and am coming in from work. They even remark that I've lost weight. But none of this matters. All that they can ask is: Do you have a problem with the "organization" and the "Governing Body?" Who cares about the Governing Body. Its like asking me whether I have a problem with the political leadership of China! I am caring for myself. That other stuff is irrelevant. Of course since that would just shock them and lead to an unpleasant outcome for me, I just say: "No, not at all."

Yet I am so happy. Why? Because they are out of my life, they know that they have lost in their words: "The congregation's best teacher" and I am living LIFE. I'm rediscovering my career, giving my darling daughter an excellent education, playing with her, meeting people, working out. Who knows maybe a lovely lady will be next. While they spend hours and hours just chasing me around, and slaving for Watchtower. Good riddance.

In Watchtower parlance everyone belongs to some kind of religious class. There is the "anointed " class, the "chieftain" class (Hey I was one of them as an elder), the "Jonadab" class, the "John" class. Rest assured that I am most definitely...

Isaac (of the Ambushed yet happy class!)

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