Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ice Storms in the MidWest...and other news

Well I haven't posted in a while, largely due to a business trip. I am currently in Norman, OK. We are in the midst of some severe weather. It is kind of fun watching the Okies deal with the ice. We have had stuff I'd never heard of before. Thundersleet, freezing fog, and of course regular sleet and freezing rain. Poor folks down here aren't used to that. They slip and slide...the state says that they won't be able to clear non-essential roads in a best case scenario for another 7-10 DAYS! But Marriott has been good to us. Plenty of popcorn, movies and football on the widescreen, good food. And I have another two weeks here so I wasn't trying to catch any planes.

On another note...two missing boys were found today in Kirkwood, MO on Friday. Two officers whose instincts are to be commended identified the offender from his countenance during a routine conversation. (Gentlemen, we need more like you.) What is truly strange in cases like these is how easy it would have been for the victim to escape. He was allowed to go out alone, had use of a cellphone. It seems incredible to the average person. It has drawn comment in the media and references to the Stockholm Syndrome have been made. (For those of you who would like to know more about this condition here is a link:

This condition has not been publicly stated as a factor in the MO case, and I for one am not claiming that it is. But my curiosity was piqued because I have seen similar stories come of religious cults and high control groups. In fact the claim is often made by those who run such groups that members can leave at any time. Indeed they can in many cases. At least physically. But they can't, psycologically and emotionally, and that is what is so sad.


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