Friday, August 8, 2008

JWD closing down!!!!

For those ofyou who haven't yet please peruse if you want a wealth of information on this cult. It will soon be shutting down. There will be some means to browse the archives but that means has yet to be announced. My thoughts on this are posted below as I wrote them on JWD:

"Simon, I am truly grateful for all that you and your team have done. I myself have directed people here and they have been helped tremendously. One good thing is that Web 2.0 tools such as YouTube, local meetup groups with discussion boards, and blogs, the ex-JW community will be able to flourish by other means. Maybe one of the best testimonies to our success at leaving this cult is that we assimilate back in society as a whole. That we "rejoin the human race" as Ray Franz said. That we don't remain dependent on an "organization" whether benign or otherwise.

Good luck on your life. I will never forget my experience here."


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