Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What not simplify something else?

I keep thinking about the book study change. The GB uses as one of their rationales the high cost of fuel. The fuel reason is so specious. Most JWs know that the book study was setup to be closest to one's home. They are spaced out fairly evenly in a congregation's territory. I guess one could say that one less trip would help with gas. But then why eliminate the shortest trip. What about field service? Why not simplify that? Allow people to count activities close to home or even in the home that is pastoral or ministerial in nature as time? That would save fuel, money and build family relationships. All they seem to care about is studying. Note their suggestion that the book study be replaced by a family study. It amazes me just how insular these old men really are. They are disconnected from the people that they claim to serve.

I am so glad not to subject to their dictates anymore.


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Edward Albright said...

When are anyone subject to their dictates?